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Twinning Agreements

Érsekcsanád has two twin cities: Markt Kastl in Germany and Ballylanders in Ireland.

Markt Kastl

Mayor Felső Róbert and Mayor Stefan Braun signed a twinning agreement in Kastl, Germany on 2 December 2008 after prolonged arrangements and several visits of both of their delegations.

The name of Kastl first appeared in the 9-10th century and the monastery was founded in 1098. The most prominent date of the village was 1319, when Ludwig IV the Bavarian stayed there for a while. (His daughter, Anne, died during his stay and her mummified body was placed in the lateral of the church.) The emperor vested the village with market law in 1323 and the addition, Markt, in its name derived from this. Kastl flourished continuously in the Middle Ages, although it had to face some difficulties, i.e. destructive floods, the monastery burnt and the plague decimated the people.

In the interest of the education of the Hungarian emigrants a school was established in the castle in 1958, which is the only Hungarian grammar school in Germany.

The recent area of the village is 64,83 hectares and the population is 2550.

The agreement:


Twinning Agreement

Markt Kastl in Amberg-Sulzbach area, Germany and Érsekcsanád Township in Hungary are entering into twinning agreement. They engage henceforth to establish and maintain good relationship with the following aims:

- in order to support mutual relationship between the citizens of both townships,

- in order to establish and deepen cultural and sport partnership between the two townships,

- in order to support partnership between the public institutions, social organizations and clubs of the two townships.

Signing the present agreement they declare their intention to enter into twinning agreement believing that their partnership will flourish and help to unify Europe.

Érsekcsanád, 2 December 2008

Stefan Braun             Felső Róbert
Mayor                         Mayor


Ballylanders is located in Limerick County. The establishment of the twinning agreement was based on the visit of John Gallahue, the President of Limerick County, in Érsekcsanád with the help of the president of the Irish-Hungarian Cultural and Economic Association, who is of Érsekcsanád origin.

The leadership of Limerick County arrived in Érsekcsanád in March 2009 and they entered into negotiations over the possibilities of the establishment of twinning agreement. The delegation of Érsekcsanád went to Ireland and they signed the town twinning agreement in May.

John Gallahue, now as the mayor of Ballylanders, was the leader of the Irish delegation which visited Érsekcsanád and the Grape Harvest Procession. We also had the pleasure to meet the new president of Limerick County.

The first visit of the Irish delegation in Érsekcsanád:

The photo gallery of the visit of the delegation of Érsekcsanád in Ireland: