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Places of interest - Walking in the village:

Érsekcsanád has extraordinary natural endowments. The beautiful waterside landscape of the river Danube and Gemenc forest are outstanding among them. The sandy and shoaly riverside is an ideal place for bathing and fishing, while the flood-plain forests offer the possibilities of hiking and hunting.

The programs in the village's leisure park attract a great number of visitors. The Csanád strudel, the fish soup and the delicious wine with the hospitality of the local residents make the village attractive for gastronomy-lovers.

The main places of interest are characterized by the 200 year old buildings.

Reformed church: The baroque-style reformed church in Deák Ferenc utca was built in 1812. Its frontage and tower with the nicely shaped helmet are the dominant characteristics of the village. The reformed parish, next to the church, was built in 1863 by the congregation with the leadership of Baksay Sándor, who was a writer, translator of literary works, ethnographer and a future reformed bishop.

Catholic church: You can find the Roman catholic church near the reformed church, in Dózsa György street. It was named after St. John the Baptist and built in 1836. Its lead-glass windows, wooden chandelier and the recently renovated 150 year old organ make it really interesting.


Guardian Angel Statue: The Guardian Angel Statue can be found in front of the fine building of the community library and it is the production of Mónus György.

Country House: The Country House is at Deák Ferenc utca 8 and was built in 1905. Its frontage on the side of the street reflects the atmosphere of the period and its adobe walls and authentic furniture always charm the visitors.

Tumbarikum: The Tumbarikum was built in the fashion of the typical Érsekcsanád-style peasant houses. The building, its courtyard and furniture reflects the past.

World War I&II Memorial: A great number of soldiers from Érsekcsanád bled for their country in WWI & II. The war memorial, in front of the parish hall, and the cross, in front of the catholic church, keep the memories of the soldiers who died a glorious death.

Leisure Park and Statue of Csanád: The Leisure Park, where you can get to on the surfaced road form the village centre, is situated between the village and the Duna-Völgyi Main. The wooden carved Statue of Csanád is in the Leisure Park.

The 4 hectare park offers the possibility of bathing, playing football and volleyball from spring to Autumn. We organize the Summer's Day of Csanád, which is the second largest program of the region after the Fish Soup Festival of Baja, at the first weekend in August every year.

Other programs organized in the park are the archery championship, coach driving championship, bike meeting, Volkswagen meeting, horseback riding skill championship.

Landscape-Protection Area of Gemenc: The Duna-Dráva National Park is in the western area of Érsekcsanád. The Landscape-Protection Area of Gemenc is situated in some parts of it and was established in 1977 with the purpose of protecting it as the largest contiguous flood-plain forest in Europe. Its unique flora and fauna include the black stork, the osprey and more than 250 other species of bird.